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"Recycling Today for A Cleaner Tomorrow"

Enviro Solutions' management has been in the hydrocarbon recycling and related businesses since 1982. Our experience in handling your waste and recyclable streams will ensure our customers their by-products are handled correctly. Service and the handling of your waste and recyclable materials is one of the most important components of our business and is very important to Enviro Solutions' day-to-day operations. Our experience in these areas has provided us with the expertise to assure customer satisfaction.

"Recycling Today for A Cleaner Tomorrow" is Enviro Solutions' motto. We believe all companies need to recycle as many waste streams as possible in order to keep our environment clean for future use. An example of our belief in "Total Recycling" is the processing of used oil filters, absorbents, rags, booms and pads. All materials are completely recycled. The oil is utilized in the fuels market for consumption in heavy industrial burners for energy; the filter media is consumed in coal burning facilities as an alternative fuel source and the metals are brought to mini mills for recycling. Therefore, there is no waste disposal from these recycled materials. Again, we strive to recycle and re-use as many of our customers waste streams as possible. Recycling helps reduce our customer’s disposal cost and therefore minimize their environmental exposure.

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2300 Hwy 365, Suite 400 • Nederland, Texas 77627
Office: (409) 722-6880
Fax: (409) 722-5480


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