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Enviro Solutions is permitted by the State of Texas as a Used Oil Collector, Used Oil Marketer, Used Filter Collector, Oily Water Collector and Grit Trap Waste Transporter. Used Oil will be collected and customer service assured by utilization of our computer tracking system, which identifies a customers' service interval. Used Oil will be collected via vacuum trucks so as to eliminate any spillage associated with hose disconnection. Prior to the first collection, Enviro Solutions will determine if the customers Used Oil has been contaminated with any hazardous components. After the Used Oil has been tested and proved satisfactory we will service the account of that particular customer. All documents (manifest, straight bills) necessary will be supplied by Enviro Solutions. Used Oil will be collected on a route basis, therefore your Used Oil will be commingled with other customers’ Used Oil from that days collections and delivered back to Enviro Solutions' facility in Mont Belvieu, Texas. Upon arrival a composite sample will be taken and a Clor-D-Tect analysis will be utilized to determine if the Used Oil contains any hazardous components according to 40cfr. The truck will then be unloaded into a storage tank where it will be stored while being tested by an independent lab. Once the product has been proven satisfactory, the product will then be marketed as On-Spec Used Oil and recycled into the six oil market as cutter stock and sold as a fuel for energy recovery in large industrial burners such as Florida Power and Light. All Used Oil managed by Enviro Solutions will meet the definition of the EPA regulation for recycling.

Water, Coolant and Oily water which does not contain sufficient quantities of oil will be transported to one of our approved Oily water processing facilities located in the Houston area. Enviro Solutions' environmental department, which sets high standards for these types of facilities, must approve these facilities. Enviro Solutions' is also a generator of these types of streams and we must assure ourselves, as well as our customers, that these facilities meet the highest industry standards possible.

Used Filters and Absorbents will be collected via Route Collection trucks capable of removing full containers and replacing with empty containers. All containers will be supplied by Enviro Solutions' at no additional cost.

Once collected, the containers will be delivered back to Enviro Solutions' facility in Mont Belvieu, Texas. They will be stored as per applicable regulations until we have accumulated approximately one hundred drums. They will then be transported to our approved processing facility.

The process consist of a shredder and ball mill. The filters and absorbent are fed into the shredder via conveyers where the filters and absorbents are shredded into small pieces. The shredded material is then conveyed to the Ball Mill where the metal is processed into smaller pieces. The material then passes through a magnetic separation process whereby the metal is separated from the fluff. The metal is then marketed to Mini Mills for metal recovery and the fluff is marketed as an alternative fuel for customers who utilize solid fuel. In this fashion the whole filter and absorbent has been recycled.


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